Our New Building - Designed for You

This photo was taken on May 15, 2013.  

After much planning, our building was finally under construction!  A well-known local contractor, Don Barber, was overseeing the job and it was coming together in record time.

And here is the finished product!  
Our building is designed with the service drive on the left and the showroom on the right.  Due to space restrictions, our service bays and parts warehouse is located across the street.

Our showroom has an open design. There is only one office with a door that closes, and that's our finance office.  It's really a nice relaxing place to buy or lease your next vehicle.

If you need to wait for your car ... We wanted to make the experience as nice as we could, so we designed the building with a nice fireplace and a nice TV with a whole lot of channels.  We also have high-speed wireless Internet service if you would prefer to use your own device to work or socialize on-line.

And, yes, you can watch rockets being launched from our parking lot!
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